Never-ending Boat Projects, Marathon, Florida Edition

It's been a while. Hello, have you missed me? I've sure missed writing. Welcome to a post where I spew out whatever comes to mind. Last you heard, we were leaving Marco Island. We sailed from Marco Island to Shark River to anchor for the night before continuing further South to the Keys. Marathon, Florida, … Continue reading Never-ending Boat Projects, Marathon, Florida Edition

Land Between the Lakes

Better known as, "The Land of Seed Ticks." But we'll get to that part of the story. During the whopping five minutes we spent planning this trip before leaving Michigan, I spent about half of that being most excited to get to Kentucky Lake. Scrolling down the inland river system on Google maps, this area … Continue reading Land Between the Lakes

Running Aground in Kentucky Lake

The evening was coming in quickly. After spending the majority of our afternoon completing errands and tasks that needed to be done, we headed into Paducah to see if there would be anything for us to eat at the "BBQ" festival. For those who don't know, RJ and I both follow a vegan diet, meaning … Continue reading Running Aground in Kentucky Lake

Slow Going on the Ohio

As we turned onto the Ohio River from the Mississippi, the current now against us, our speed was more than cut in half. Reaching our fastest speeds just the day before, now that we were going just slow enough to where someone walking on the shore could easily keep up pace, felt discouraging.The first lock … Continue reading Slow Going on the Ohio

River Rats on the Upper Mississippi

We have been living like river rats for the past couple of days and while it's not the most ideal, it's certainly the easiest. On our last day in Alton, IL, we spent a few hours touring the small town on our bicycles. We had one map that lacked detail and we set off to … Continue reading River Rats on the Upper Mississippi

Living Hour to Hour

It's hard to say anything when you have so much to say. About 7 days ago, RJ and I decided to flip our plans completely upside down and backwards. About a year ago, when we first started talking about and planning this boat trip, our big idea was to take Patches around Michigan, through the … Continue reading Living Hour to Hour