RJ. The mechanic. The skipper. The lead fabricator.

Born in 1988, exploring since he was old enough to leave the house and sailing since he was in his early twenties, a big sailing trip has been brewing in his mind for a long time.

Graduating from The University of Akron with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a lot of debt, he spent most of his time paying off bills after finishing school.

Until that is, meeting Sydney, and deciding it was time to pay off the student loans once and for all and plan an adventure.

Sydney. The navigator. The writer. The doesn’t really know what she’s doing ever, but willing to try-er.

After receiving a degree in Criminal Justice from Baldwin Wallace University, most of her time has been spent working seasonal jobs in the outdoor industry. You may have even seen her as a friendly park ranger at the entrance gate on a trip to a National Park!

Meeting on Tinder at the end of 2014, it took a few cancelled dates before the two finally met up for dinner. By the second date, they were camping in the negative Fahrenheit temperatures of Ohio during January.

Between getting their car broken into during a backpacking trip to learning how to climb cliffs together, they continue to grow as a pair.

For the first two years of their relationship, they lived half of the year across the country from one another. By the fall of 2016, they decided that a big trip would be happening, still unsure of exactly what or where.

Around this time, a sailboat nearly dropped into their laps, sold to RJ for only one dollar from a previous coworker. This sailboat, is “Patches.”

Patches has needed some love and still needs lots of labor, but every day she becomes more and more of a home.

The Plan? Well, it changes every day. Starting in St. Joseph, MI, Patches and crew will cross Lake Michigan to Chicago, IL where they will head south on the inland waterways until getting to Mobile, AL. Then, they will be skirting the gulf down to the Florida Keys until they can cut across to The Bahamas and explore the Caribbean Sea.

After that? Only time will tell.