A Place to Sit

I wake up and I have to pee. So badly. Every morning. That’s fine, I get up and *bang* smack my head on the ceiling. Okay, that’s fine, too. I have a growing bump, but maybe it just makes my brain look a bit larger.

RJ laughs at me, but rolls over, still half asleep. I crawl out of bed, pull some shorts on, grab the marina bathroom keys, and head outside. Climbing up our five steps and letting the fresh air smack me in the face. Wait, no, that’s just the mosquito netting. I flap my arms around until I make my way through an opening and now, ah, yes, THAT is the fresh air smacking my senses this time.

Walking over to the bathroom connected to the BoatUS candy store and gas stop, I peer around at the other boats. Mostly empty, I can’t seem to understand why people would have these clearly live able boats and not be living on them. Then I remember, what we are doing is not all that normal. Although it has yet to hit me yet that living on a sailboat is really that abnormal of a concept, I kind of pretend that it is. Maybe it’ll hit me when the wind starts pushing our sails.

After my morning bathroom trip (is this blog post TMI?), I feel relieved. And awake. Time to go wake up RJ. Stepping back onto the boat, I honestly smile each time. It moves in the water, but I move with it. It sways back and forth and so I sway, too. Walking through the salon and to the v-berth, I massage RJ’s sore shoulder for a couple of minutes and he is up. Time to get to work.

Long daily to-do lists are a part of our every day during this “prep” time. We wake up. Look at the main to-do list. Make a daily one. Cross things off of it. Amend items. Realize that certain items can’t be done before other items are done. Realize that certain items can’t be done until pieces and parts are purchased. Realize that certain pieces and parts can only be purchased online. Realize that our initial daily to-do list can’t be done at all because of above reasons. Remake to-do list. Admire handwriting. Decide that we are hungry. Decide that Sammy Arepas is the most delicious food in all of St. Joseph, MI and that is absolutely the only possible thing that we could eat right now to satiate our hunger.

At this moment, as I’m writing, I decide that I should write an in depth blog post simply about how pleasant of a town St. Joe is. So this is me, putting that on our to-do list.

Now that our stomachs are full and our taste buds are smiling, we get back to the boat. Which means we’re back to the to-do list. Have we even crossed anything off yet? We have, yes, but we’re moving a little bit too slowly.

Suddenly, I get a burst of energy. Earlier, after having breakfast, I nearly cried out of frustration.

“I just want to go home,” I said. “This boat doesn’t feel like a home and everything is a mess and there is just dirt everywhere and on everything.”

RJ looked bummed after I said that, but without really knowing what to do at that moment, he got back to working on whatever item on our list he was in progress of checking off.

That being said, when the energy burst hit me, I decided it was time. Time to finally give us a place to sit. Okay, okay. We did have a few places to sit: on the edge of the bed, on the floor, in the cockpit (which I had previously hosed down), and a few other spots on the corners of benches that had been overtaken by tools and solvents.

“RJ, we are putting together the benches or bunk or whatever with the table inside the boat.”

And so we did. RJ nailed, I pulled out nails. RJ sawed, I broke a saw. RJ made a mess, I vacuumed it up. Finally, we grabbed the cushions, we removed the table from where it was hidden, and made ourselves a place to sit. A place to gather.

A place to make to-do lists.

And I felt happy when I went to bed. And I felt happy waking up the next day.

And I feel happy now.



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  1. Have a lot of fun! Take it slow and see everything along the way. I could never do this I would be sea sick. I went on the Goodtime II and got sick just sitting on the shore. I will live vicariously through you both! I love you and RJ with all my heart! Please keep in touch a lot! I will be praying for safe journeys for you and RJ on your sailboat. Love and God bless! Grandma Joan Grandpa Wilson and Jessica will be with you too!!!

  2. Sydney, I just read your post “a place to sit”. Amazing to say the least. I so happy that your Happy !!. Your view on things past and present never stop captivating my thoughts. Home, is a place you hang your hat, so I’ve been told. I’d say your blessed with the fact you have several homes where hats are hanging and I’m sure if Josh & Matt understood what that meant, there would be a hat hanging in their room as well. I’ve always admired the way you take the simplest things in life that most of us take for granted and turn them in to a wow, while opening up our minds. Your adventure is just that, an adventure, as life is an adventure in it’s self. I hope your mum and I have give you the fundamental skills to to make it through such adventures and where we fell short, you have taken it to the next level. Your destiny will be what you make it, and life’s adventures, big or small are part of the process, You learn that boat, you make sure its sea worthy, chart your course and make sure people know it, and always have a contingency plan. Remember There will always be a hat hanging on the wall of the people that love you so very much. That wall can be built on a piece of earth, on wheels or floating on water. Beautifully written Sydney, P.S; go with your gut and always remember. Plan for the worst and hope for the best and you’ll be just fine. Oh and make that boat feel like home hang a pic of the boys up. Tell RJ to make it a habit to clean up at the end day, you’ll feel even better, so will he. God speed, Love Dad.

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