Week #1

Six days ago, I was scared of falling off the ladder climbing onto the boat. Today, I likely went up and down somewhere between 20 and 30 times.

Although the boat is still on land (on the hard, I guess it’s called), we have officially moved onboard. Our clothing is unpacked and our sleeping area is super comfy cozy and the rest of the boat is basically just a big tool box. We still have a few more days before the boat goes in the water, and a few more projects equalling about a week or two of work, and then we set sail!

RJ is a hard worker. I have realized that I don’t love manual labor, but I’m slowly helping more and more every day. Emphasis on the word “slowly.” It doesn’t help that the first day we came to the boat was the first day of a head cold that RJ was so nice to gift to me. Today is the first day I have felt fully healthy again, just in time for PMS to start, oh joy! Tomorrow we plan to paint the boat though, which I have been most excited for. Our big ugly red boat is about to become MORE RED. I need to start taking more pictures.

Speaking of our boat. We have yet to firmly decide on a new name to christen our boat with. Our boat’s current name is ‘Red Baron’ and neither of us would consider ourselves Snoopy fans so it just doesn’t feel right. We have considered the names, “More or Less,” “Wind Canyon,” a couple other random ones I can’t remember and even just plain “Red.” How do people decide on such perfect names for their boats??

Unrelated, RJ and I bought a vintage bicycle from the 1960s that we have fallen head over heels in love with. On a whim we decided to stop into a local used bicycle shop, they presented to us a lime green folding Cinzia bicycle, told us to make an offer, and now we spend most of our breaks from working on the boat riding the green bullet around the boatyard.

We are lucky.

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